About Trish Uhl

Trish is a globally experienced strategist and consultant leveraging data science, artificial intelligence (AI), emerging technology, analytics and evidence-based actionable insights to deliver business value. Her work sees Trish keynote speaking at conferences, teaching workshops and working directly with client leadership teams across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

“We had decisions that were made at the top of the structure. We expected executives and leadership to be able to make decisions. Now, we’re pushing decision capability down to the point of work, we’re pushing decisions down to the frontline because organisations need to be able to move at the speed of change that’s happening within the markets that they operate, within the competitive landscape that they operate, that happens according to what’s happening with customer and client demands.”

Excerpt from Data & Analytics In L&D with Trish Uhl

Training & Development Magazine

This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine, September 2020 Vol. 47 No. 3, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Data & Analytics In L&D with Trish Uhl

This conversation highlighted where L&D was comfortable in dealing with data but also a huge piece of the puzzle that was largely neglected by our profession.

Read on for some of the insights Trish shared in that conversation, or tune in to episode 39 of The L&D Podcast for the whole conversation.

It’s not a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ L&D fully jumps onboard with Data & Analytics.


This is the view of Trish Uhl, who, in this episode, explores how data has already transformed organisations, industries and consumer expectations and why L&D can no longer wait until the hype has passed. L&D is late to the party but the good news is it’s not too late.

David James, Host of The Learning & Development Podcast

Instructional Currentz | Performance Based Instruction for Impact Back-on-the-Job

Recorded via Zoom on 2020-11-05 by Guy Wallace.


Regarding the new SEC reporting requirements regarding human capital management dollars, practices and metrics, and the background regarding their history.

#LearningCollective: Performance Support + Blockchain for L&D

You may have heard the term ‘blockchain’ in the last few years. Like many, you may not know what blockchain is, especially when thinking of L&D application of the technology. Catch this very insightful discussion with Trish Uhl on understanding blockchain, not only for L&D but in other verticals, such as marketing.

Conversation on AI and Analytics in Learning & Development

“At the end of the day, all we’ve ever wanted to do is to have impacts, is to really help people be successful and to feel like we’re making meaningful, measurable contributions to the organizations whom we serve. And this is a way of us being able to do that and helping everybody just work better.”

~ Trish Uhl, Owl’s Ledge