What are the tactical things that we could do in order to get started in data analytics right now?

There are two areas that we can really put our focus on.

One is how do we get started in building an analytics practice and making this part of our DNA and just how it is that we as learning do business within the organizations whom we serve.

The second is how do we even get some experience and start to get our learning teams on‐boarded and start working with our stakeholders, especially the business, in new ways by being able to apply data analytics to a project.

Cyber Security | Put an advisory board together to address governance, privacy, and ethical concerns.

We need to have an understanding of the different populations that are involved and the different data are involved, so we can make the right decisions according to what we decide as an organization we want to have, as our ethical practice, as our… that are going to drive our privacy guidelines. And make sure that we’re within compliance and regulatory, depending on what industry we are in, what sector we are in, wherever we are in the world and what populations we are applying data analytics to.

“Everything is Quantifiable in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

There’s this whole concept of we’re currently living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution … Many people talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in comparison to previous Industrial Revolutions one, two, and three – where everything from the steam engine to electricity – not only radically changed technology in the workplace, but radically changed society as well.

There’s some really kind of fantastical stuff happening right now that’s changing who we are and who we are to become.

The worst thing we can do right now is try to avoid this wave of automation. The best thing we can do right now, for ourselves, our families, the people whom we support and the organizations whom we serve is to figure out how we can help facilitate and guide these transformations, by bringing awareness, clarity, compassion and understanding. That’s the unique value we can bring to ushering in this modern era of intelligence.

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