Project Description

Delighted to share that I’m facilitating the opening keynote at Navigate’23 – LIVE Virtual Summit for L&D professionals! Make sure to attend it on September 14.

“Future of Learning & Development” Keynote featuring:

­čö╣Prosumerism & The Age of Human Capital
­čö╣Modern Work, Generative Learning & Ethical AI
­čö╣Prompt Engineering practicum
­čö╣Unbundle, Deconstruct, Atomize
­čö╣Cinematic AI & Your Starring Role in the “Game of Thrones”
­čö╣Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly – a framework for AI transformation
­čö╣SkillsTrek & the SkillsWalker crew teach generative AI
­čö╣Talkin’ ’bout education – shifting L&D pedagogy
­čö╣Why we must CARE
­čö╣Setting horizons and seeing around corners