In the rapidly evolving landscape of workplace learning and development, few thought leaders stand out as much as Trish Uhl. A leading figure in AI and advanced analytics in talent and workplace learning, Trish has been at the forefront of the intersection of people analytics, learning analytics, and AI in HR. She is the originator of the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum and the Learning Experiences Ecosystems Engineering framework, which have helped shape the way organizations approach talent development and learning in the digital age [source].

Back in September 2018, Trish delivered a captivating talk at the Hacking HR Forum in Chicago, titled “AI & Advanced Analytics in Talent & Workplace Learning.” This talk provides invaluable insights into the constantly changing environment of workplace learning and development. Here’s a breakdown of the key points she addressed:

  1. The Importance of Effective Learning in the Workplace: Trish began her talk by emphasizing the importance of effective learning in the workplace, which she identified as key to talent retention, collaboration, and productivity.
  2. Understanding the Role and Impact of Workplace Learning: She then moved on to unravel misunderstandings surrounding the strategic focus and definition of workplace learning in modern organizations.
  3. The Influence of Globalization on Workplace Learning: Trish explored the effects of globalization and technology on the talent pool and the learning function in the gig economy.
  4. The Rise of Pervasive Computing and Data-Driven Devices: Next, she discussed the concept of pervasive or ubiquitous computing, explaining how gadgets like Fitbits and iWatches can provide data-driven insights that influence behavior.
  5. Transitioning Workforce: From Humans to Augmented Humans to Robots: Trish then explored the transition from humans to augmented humans to robots, highlighting the challenge of integrating these changes to deliver top-quality employee experiences and retain vital talent.
  6. Meeting Modern Employees’ Demand for Personalized Learning: She also discussed the modern employees’ demand for personalized, context-specific learning that provides rapid feedback.
  7. Shifting Focus from Outputs to Outcomes and Leveraging AI Tools: Trish advocated for a shift in focus from outputs to outcomes, introducing AI-powered tools like Coach M and Otto that are used for personalized coaching and onboarding.
  8. Harnessing AI for Instructional Design and the Need for Transformation: Finally, she concluded by discussing the use of AI for instructional design and the necessary changes in mindset, skill set, and tool set [source].

Trish Uhl’s insights are a potent reminder of the transformative potential of AI and advanced analytics in shaping the future of talent and workplace learning. As technology continues to evolve and reshape the way we work, it’s clear that the strategic focus and definition of workplace learning will continue to evolve. By keeping pace with these changes, organizations can harness the power of AI and advanced analytics to create more effective, personalized learning experiences that drive talent retention, collaboration, and productivity.

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