Trish Uhl, a Learning Engineer and Learning Executive, stands at the intersection of technology, talent development, and organizational innovation. With a profound expertise in the strategic implementation of AI within organizational structures, Trish has been instrumental in reshaping the way large-scale enterprises integrate and leverage advanced technologies.
In her role as Director of Learning Enablement & Innovation for a Fortune 300 financial services firm, Trish has been pivotal in leading the business enablement workstream in the firm’s inaugural generative AI test & learn. As part of her AI transformation work, Trish introduced “prompt engineering” to the firm, marking a significant shift in the firm’s approach to AI. She is also the first people leader at the firm to evolve associate roles to include “prompt engineering” as a core capability. This initiative not only positions the firm at the cutting edge of technological integration but also ensures that AI is seamlessly woven into the very fabric of the organization’s operations and strategies.
Over the past 15 years, Trish has made significant contributions to the literature in her field, serving as a contributor or co-author to a variety of books on learning, technology, and data analytics. This includes her notable work, “CoursePrompt™: Rapid Online Course Creation with ChatGPT”, and her co-authored chapter “Turning Learning Into Action™: Applying the HR measurement cycle to improve learning transfer” in the academic textbook “Foundations of People Metrics and Analytics”.
Further showcasing her expertise, Trish has served as an advisor and strategic partner in co-developing the advanced analytics and data visualizations for “Coach M”. This innovative chatbot focuses on turning learning into action, driving learning transfer, and behavior change through the principles of neuroscience.
In recognition of her vast expertise in the field, Trish served as a former expert in residence for People Analytics for the CIPD. This role further solidified her position as a thought leader in the domain of people analytics and its intersection with technology.
Trish is also the proud creator of the Learning Systems Engineering™ framework, a pioneering approach that integrates the principles of systems engineering into the learning domain. In addition, she holds the distinction of being the first person in the world to mint #CryptoOwls, the world’s inaugural NFT collection tailored specifically to HR and L&D, showcasing her innovative spirit and her ability to merge technology with talent development in unique ways.
As a maverick leader, Trish is known for her entrepreneurial, innovative, and irreverent approach. She thrives on challenging the status quo, pioneering innovative solutions, and approaching age-old problems with an irreverent twist.
In addition to her corporate role, Trish is the founder of Owl’s Ledge LLC, a Chicago-based consulting firm, where she champions sustainable learning solutions around the world, emphasizing the transformative power of AI and blockchain in learning & talent development. Her collaborations span global giants, underscoring her expansive reach and influence in the industry.
Trish’s mission goes beyond operational efficiency; she’s here to shake things up, inspire change, and lead the charge in creating a world where innovation meets purpose, and where technology serves humanity. Her dedication to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is evident in her work, ensuring that her efforts align with tackling these global challenges.
Join Trish in her mission to create a world that works better, where people flourish and organizations thrive.

How does Trish Uhl leverage technology for learning & talent development?

Q: How does Trish Uhl leverage technology for learning & talent development? A: Trish Uhl's work, notably her book "CoursePrompt™: Rapid Online Course Creation with ChatGPT", showcases her prowess in utilizing generative AI to revolutionize talent development and workplace learning.

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How does Trish Uhl approach lifelong learning?

Q: How does Trish Uhl approach lifelong learning? A: Trish Uhl ardently believes in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills. This commitment ensures her adaptability in evolving environments and positions her at the vanguard of emerging trends and technologies.

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How does Trish Uhl integrate a growth mindset into her work?

Q: How does Trish Uhl integrate a growth mindset into her work? A: Trish Uhl is driven by the belief that abilities can evolve with effort. This mindset enhances her capacity to embrace challenges, persist against setbacks, and value feedback, forming a cornerstone of her approach to both personal and professional development.

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