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The CryptoOwls Hacking HR 2021 NFT collection was created by Owl’s Ledge LLC founder, Trish Uhl, to commemorate panel session Tech & Human: Blending for an Effective Learning Environment at Hacking HR 2021 Global Online Conference. These CryptoOwls are the first ever HR related non-fungible tokens NFT found anywhere in the world to be used as swag for a Human Resources conference! This concept is central to Trish’s Hacking HR panel participation – as adoption of tokenization as a core learning technology to support skilling employees, administering professional qualifications and badges, and providing architecture for other applications in corporate training environments rapidly gains momentum!

CryptoOwls Hacking HR 2021 NFT collection

Enrique Rubio is the founder of Hacking HR community and organizer of the conference. Last year we had 9,000 attendees. This year we had 24,000 (!). Enrique’s goal for March 2022 is 100,000 registered attendees (!).


Panel was all about ‘blended learning’ – which used to mean classroom + online. Now it means all sorts of learning ecosystems – including tokenized talent marketplaces based on blockchain and mediated by AI.


So – creating the first ever HR NFTs in time for panel at one of the world’s largest HR conferences – is all about helping HR community understand the concepts behind how these environments work.


~ Trish Uhl, Hacking HR 2021

What do NFTs have to do with Work n Workforce?

What’s the BIG DEAL about these hashtag#CryptoOwls?

I’m using my hashtag #CryptoOwls to illustrate publicly what some organizations are doing privately — using these same principles, paradigm n technologies from public hashtag #NFT marketplace (like OpenSea) to create internal hashtag #blockchain hashtag #smartcontract driven tokenized talent marketplaces —

What on Earth am I talking about?!

Here’s Workforce Futurist Andy Spence sharing potential impact of THIS exact scenario — impact of ‘crypto creators’ on work, workforce n labour market; disintermediation of third party gatekeepers n brokers; programmable content (think: instructional and informational digital assets) that can ‘manage’ its own contracts directly n automagically – and on overall tokenization of work — all based on Andy’s extensive research in partnership with Don Tapscott at the Blockchain Research Institute.

The CryptoOwls are the first NFT collection in history created to CELEBRATE people in the workforce! This #CryptoArt hands-on experience connects HR, L&D, OD and Talent professionals around the world with a memorable experience by which to interact with and learn from digital art, blockchain and metadata as we transform to digital world.

A fixed set of 12, with an homage to the CryptoPunks phenomenon, these CryptoOwls are inspired by this year’s theme Unlocking YOUR Potential and are launched in parallel with Hacking HR 2021 Global Online Conference.