Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exams


Praise for Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam book

Mastering the CPLP is now available in both Kindle & print on and, already, top professionals in the Learning & Performance field are praising Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam:

  • “Trish Uhl is the last word in CPLP prep, taking it far from its American roots to far-flung corners of the globe. This an excellent guide for those approaching the exam, offering advice for successful brain / knowledge prep as well as many encouraging words and exam survival tips from those who’ve gone before.”

    JANE BOZARTH, eLearning Coordinator, State of North Carolina, Author of Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning

  • “No one knows CPLP prep like Trish, and it shows in this book. Her years of experience supporting learning professionals in preparing for certification come through on each page, and it is certainly a MUST READ for anyone who is considering their CPLP certification. In classic Trish style, this book starts and ends with the learner. She really focuses on empowering professionals to be effective learners in this exciting phase of their career development.”

    RICHARD SITES, Ed.D., Vice President, Client Services, Allen Interactions Inc. Co-Author of Leaving ADDIE for SAM

  • “Trish Uhl has written a practical, appealing, and truly examination-oriented study guide to help learning and performance professionals effectively prepare for and pass the CPLP Knowledge Exam. This book not only gives the right strategy and proven approaches for study, but also mentally steers you towards success. Trish has used concise and conversational style to engage readers to be intellectually, emotionally, and mentally prepared for the Exam. I highly recommend this as a must-read book for anyone pursuing the CPLP certification!”

    PETER YIP, President, ASTD Global Network Hong Kong

  • “A must have, must read, must follow book for every CPLP candidate, Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam, is a treasure as it is written by Trish Uhl, one of the first CPLP Pilot Pioneers since the beginning of the program in 2005. Since then, Trish has embarked on a mission to empower CPLP candidates globally to succeed by providing training and other resources. This book is a valuable guide for study strategies and techniques. I wish I had such a resource when I took my exam.”

    MAJEDA HAIDAR, CPLP, Expert IT Education, Central Bank of Kuwait

Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam outlines a real-world tested, 7-step approach to preparing for phase I of the CPLP certification process – the CPLP Knowledge Exam.

Written by CPLP master Trish Uhl, this comprehensive guide has been completely updated to reflect the latest changes to the CPLP Knowledge Exam. Trish’s straightforward style provides an easy to understand 7-step approach to preparing for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. Complete with examples from peers in the CPLP community on how they applied this approach to their study practice and smart study prep activities from some of the world’s learning luminaries, this book will not only help you prepare for the exam, but keep you motivated as you start your CPLP journey!

  • Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam is the strategic guide you need to maximize your study preparation efforts and decrease your study time.
  • Mastering the CPLP Knowledge Exam helps you improve your exam success and avoid paying costly re-examination fees and experiencing an emotional toll from having to take the exam multiple times.
  • Provides a proven method for systematically “chunking” the substantive content outlined in the ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance (WLP) Competency Model making it more manageable for you to understand internalize.
  • Features study tools and activities designed to strengthen your study practice and reinforce your learning!

The book includes:

  • Trish Uhl’s own experience in successfully achieving CPLP certification in 2006.
  • Contributions and feedback from CPLP candidates over two (2) years who used Trish’s eBook (upon which this book is based) to successfully pass the CPLP Knowledge Exam.
  • Input from Trish’s years of assisting CPLP candidates from around the world in successfully achieving CPLP certification since the program’s start in 2005.
  • Observations from working with CPLP candidates who were not successful on the CPLP Knowledge Exam (some multiple times) and insights into helping candidates avoid the traps or turnaround their study prep.
  • Tips, tricks & traps submitted from CPLPs on how they applied my approach to their study practice.
  • Study preparation tips and tricks from globally recognized learning leaders – such as Lisa Haneberg, Lou Russell, Jim Smith Jr., Jim & Wendy Kirkpatrick, and more!
  • Includes end of chapter questions for reflections and checklists for supporting candidates in documenting their own unique personal study plans.

The CPLP Mastery Series books can potentially help the “CPLP committed” to:

  • Avoid the costly expense of re-examination fees. Candidates unsuccessful on the Knowledge Exam and / or Work Product incur additional time and expense to continue the process.
  • Avoid the emotional toll of failing either assessment phase and extending the certification process. Candidates unsuccessful with the Knowledge Exam and / or Work Product must wait – oftentimes months – before they can make additional attempts.
  • Address variance in study and information processes and learning styles. Many learning pros require assistance in being reminded of their preferred study methods to increase their chances of exam success.

The CPLP Mastery Series books can potentially help the “CPLP curious” to:

  • Assess their readiness prior to committing to the CPLP program. The individual books and series provide a low cost of entry for learning prose to better understand the CPLP program, certification requirements, and assess their personal state of readiness.